Labatory / Analytics

  • Analytics / wet chemistry
  • Non-destructive testing
  • Mechanical testing / destructive testing
  • Physical investigations
  • Metallography

Our test methods:

Grain Size ISO 643 ASTM E112 ASTM E1181  
Non-Metallic Inclusions DIN 50602 EN 10247 ASTM E45  
Macroetch Testing ASTM A604      
Corrosion Testing ISO 3651-2C SEP 1877 Verf. II ASTM G28 A+B ASTM G48 A
Roughness ISO 4287      
Specific electrical resistance DIN IEC 60468      
Coefficient of thermal expansion ASTM E831 ASTM E228    
Hardness-Testing Vickers ISO 6507-1 ASTM E92    
Hardness-Testing Rockwell ISO 6508-1 ASTM E18    
Hardness-Testing Brinell ISO 6506-1 ASTM E10    
Tensile Testing ISO 6892-1 DIN 50125 ASTM E8  
Charpy-V-Notch-Test 600 J ISO 148-1 ASTM E23  
Sheartest ASTM B565      
Spark-Atomic-Emission-Spectroscopy Ni-Basic ASTM E3047      
Spark-Atomic-Emission-Spectroscopy FE-Basic ASTM E1086      
Spark-Atomic-Emission-Spectroscopy Cu-Basic DIN EN 15079      
Elemental Analysis C ASTM E1941      
Elemental Analysis S ASTM E1019      
Elemental Analysis O/N ASTM E1019      
Elemental Analysis H ASTM E1019 ASTM E1447 WK28348  
Surface-C-Determination -      
Inductively Coupled-Plasma-OES ASTM E2594      
X-Ray Fluorenscence Spectrometry RFA ASTM E2465      
Flame-AAS ASTM E1835      
Graphite-Furnace-AAS ASTM E1834      

We carry out in-house testing in accordance with international standards. We are currently in the process of being audited for DIN IEC ISO 17025 approval.



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