Corporate organisation chart

DNick Holding Ltd.

DNick Holding Limited (“DNick“) is a corporation established in accordance with English Law with its registered and administrative office in London, UK.

DNick was founded on 18 March 2005 as a public limited company (plc) with limited liability, in accordance with the Law of England and Wales. Effective from 12 March 2018, DNick was restructured as a private company limited by shares (Limited).

As part of Brexit, DNick was converted into a pure financial holding organisation.

Capital and Shareholding structure

DNick’s issued share capital equates to GBP 567,131.80, which is split into 5,671,318 shares, each with a nominal value of GBP 0.10.

DNick’s list of registered shareholders consists of two names:

Christoph Arntz with one share and The Bank of New York Depository (Nominees) Ltd (“BNY”) with 5,671,317 shares.

Board of Directors

DNick Holding Limited has the following Board of Directors:

  • Wolfgang Raulf (Chairman)
  • Christoph Arntz
  • Dr. Bruno Weidl
  • Bernhard Niehaus

The members of the Board of Directors are also members of the Advisory Board of Deutsche Nickel GmbH. The Advisory Board lends its support to the management of Deutsche Nickel.

Contact options / information for (minority) Cl holders

DNick Holding plc was listed on the stock exchange until its delisting at the end of 2012 (ISIN GB00B06ZX541).

Since delisting from the stock exchange, there has been no established share price.

Since this delisting, no dividend payments have been made. No dividend payments will be proposed in the future at any DNick stockholders’ meeting.

We occasionally notice grey market activities and time-restricted offers of acquisition, although it is unclear to us what motivation Clearstream buyers would have in relation to the ownership structure of the organisation.

If you are the owner of DNick Clearstream Interests, you are welcome to get in touch with our Management if you require any additional information.