Welding consumables

Today, nickel alloy welding consumables are essential for the welding of high alloy construction steels, as well as for the protection against corrosion and wear of low alloy steels by cladding. Welding technology often requires modified chemical compositions when compared to the corresponding base metal.  This improves welding performance and also takes into account any changes induced by the welding process, such as melting loss.

The ability to supply specific chemical compositions in accordance with the requirements of welding technology, gives a good indication of the high product quality level provided by Deutsche Nickel GmbH.

In addition to the chemical composition of any welding consumable, the mechanical properties are also critical in ensuring successful welding performance. Depending on the required welding process, eg. manual or automated GTAW welding, submerged arc welding or GMAW welding, the corresponding welding wire or electrode can be sourced from Deutsche Nickel GmbH to provide the best welding results. Core wire for the production of welding electrodes can be made-to-measure with regards to the chemical composition and surface finish.


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