Product forms and dimension range


cold drawn ⌀ 0.25in - 3.5in*
hot finished ⌀ 0.787in - 17.717in*


cold drawn ⌀ 0.25in - 1.378in*
hot finished ⌀ 0.787in - 17.717in*


cold drawn broad: 0.591in - 1.378in thickness: 0.157in - 0,5in*
hot finished on request  


*depending on alloy
hex. 0.25in - 2.75in*

Nickel and Nickel alloy bars

We manufacture Nickel alloy bars in diameters between 6.35mm and 450mm. These can be supplied in fixed lengths or random lengths, in accordance with customer specifications and tolerances or international standards. These alloys are melted from raw materials and master alloys in accordance with our own chemical analysis specifications. Melting is performed either in an open electric furnace, or in a vacuum furnace. If required by the melt route, the alloy might then be re-melted by means of ESR or VAR technology and finally poured into the ingot mould or continuous casting apparatus. The subsequent hot forming processing of the ingots usually takes place in two stages via ingot hot-rolling and then billet hot-rolling. An alternative forging production route can also be selected, depending on the final size and condition of the bar. In this case the hot working would be performed by a forging press and also by a radial forging machine (eg. GFM), depending on final size.

These hot worked black bars can then be processed into cold worked semi-finished products. For the most part, the cold working operation consists of peeling, drawing and straightening steps, combined with intermediate and/or final heat treatment processes. The finished bars could be as long as 8.5 metres and can be packed in accordance with the customer’s requirements and despatched.


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