Product forms and dimension range


⌀ 0.035in - 0.045in 33lb BS300

Wire (saw / thermal spray)

⌀ 0.063in - 0.126in 55lb 33lb K415 K435 SH390 K300

Tig rods (stamped on one or both sides)

⌀ 0.0625in - 0.125in x 39.370in

Core wires for stick electrode production

⌀ 0.059in - 0.197in x 7.874in - 19.685in

Nickel alloy filler metals

We manufacture Nickel alloy wire products in diameters from 0.1 mm fine wire up to 20 mm dia. wire rod.

These alloys are melted from raw materials and master alloys in accordance with our own chemical analysis specifications. Melting is performed either in an open electric furnace, or in a vacuum furnace. If required by the melt route, the alloy might then be re-melted by means of ESR or VAR technology and finally poured into the ingot mould or continuous casting apparatus. The subsequent hot forming processing of the ingots / electrodes to wire-rod either takes place in two stages via ingot hot-rolling and then billet hot-rolling or in a continuous process.

The surface of the wire-rod is either chemically treated (pickled) or machined (peeled) and then the drawing processes are carried out with a combination of fine-tuned drawing steps and heat treatment procedures. We can supply large, medium or fine wire diameters in accordance with customer packaging requirements, such as in coils, on formers, in drums, on spools, or in straight cut lengths, with or without stamped and embossed ends.


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