Hirework / Tollwork

Are you a manufacturer of semi-finished metal products and are unable to perform certain specialized production steps in-house? Please contact us. We would be pleased to check if we can match your requirements with our own capabilities. Our equipment is state-of-the-art and we would be delighted to offer available production capacity on our many machines to process your free issue material on a hirework basis. You can find more details in our Service – Hirework section: Bar Production or Wire Production.




Deutsche Nickel GmbH has commercial partnerships with leading stockists and distributors. These companies specialize in various markets such as chemical plant construction, chemical process industry, Oil and Gas industry, welding consumables or the fastener industry. Distributors benefit from their flexibility, broad portfolio of grades and different products forms. These materials are often offered in accordance with various end-customer approvals and international standards. We are happy to work together with our partner distributors to attain specific end-customer or corporation “approved vendor” status for our products. Due to the shear variety of products required by distributors, we can offer this service for our entire alloy and size range, both in wire and in bar forms.