Commercial success does not rule out sustainability: they depend on each other: For us sustainability does not mean „green washing“. For Deutsche Nickel sustainability means carrying out on-going work on projects and processes to help protect the environment, avoid waste, safeguard the company as a going concern, improve efficiency and train the next generation of employees.




Commercial success and continued improvements in the allocation of resources can only be managed by teamwork. Only people can achieve these results. The problem-solving capability and creativity of a team, will always beat those of an individual.



Deutsche Nickel considers safety in the workplace, health and environmental protection to be of the highest priority.
Every employee should feel happy and safe working with us and return home safe and sound at the end of the working day.

It is our aim to create and maintain healthy, safe and ergonomic working conditions.

Training activities and campaigns are carried out to prevent accidents.

On training days consultations with H&S experts are performed to maintain good working conditions and help prevent work-related illness and physical and mental health problems.
Our Management and nominated H&S colleagues undergo specialist training at a third party accident prevention association. We take our role model responsibility towards our employees extremely seriously.

Safety in the workplace is a matter of leadership, in which the entire management team is involved.

Our safety at work culture is indicative of Deutsche Nickel GmbH.


Work experience

We consider it our social responsibility to provide young people with a stepping-stone onto a career path. We are dealing the general skill shortage by means of our training in various professions such as Sales, IT and Commerce.

Young people can get a taste of the exciting world of working in a mid-sized industrial metal processing company and can develop their career preferences. The company then benefits from the opportunity of filling any vacancies with motivated, talented and well educated young people and thereby handles the ongoing generational change in a sustainable manner.



The long term success of Deutsche Nickel GmbH is supported by our management systems for Quality, Environment and Energy.

DIN EN ISO 9001 
Defined and verified processes avoid wastage and enable the manufacture of high value and long lasting products.

DIN EN ISO 14001 
Our Environmental management system helps us to comply with environmental regulations and employ sustainable resources, as well as avoid any risks to the Environment or Climate.

DIN EN ISO 50001 
Our Energy management system supports an energy-efficient way of working and a continual reduction in energy consumption, thereby protecting and sustaining primary resources.

An approval for Quality management systems as recognised by the Automotive industry, which proves our ability to efficiently fulfill customer-specific requirements, with the focus on long-term avoidance of defects and the reduction of any problems within the supply chain.


The improvement in raw material and information flow created by our Supply Chain Management team has a positive social, economic and even ecological benefit. This improved information flow leads to fewer misunderstandings or need for further clarification. In addition to greater productivity by our employees, it also reduces the potential for conflict, which in turn leads to an improved working environment with lower stress levels. An improved material flow leads not only to cost reductions due to reduced handling and transport and environmentally friendly / recyclable packaging, but also to a reduction in CO2 emissions.


Corporate sustainability

We at Deutsche Nickel, have a multi-dimensional view of our long-term success. This includes the commercial needs of the company to succeed as a going concern in the future, as well as issues such as the protection of resources, or the reduction of waste. For this reason we are continually working on improving the balance between environmental protection and energy consumption. The preservation of natural resources for future generations is not only an environmental and commercial matter. As a local employer we see it as our responsibility to help resolve the general public skill shortage and to properly train our employees and future generations in the ways of working at Deutsche Nickel. The efficient use of resources, be that financial, mechanical or human, not only helps to protect the environment, but is also a decisive advantage in the marketplace, which results in improved overall profitability for the company.