Nickel-Copper Alloys

Due to its excellent resistance to corrosive media and the typical alloy colour, Silverin 400 wire is used in both the fastener and optical (spectacle frame) industries. 
Silverin 500 not only possseses relatively high mechanical properties, but also excellent corrosion resistance at both low and high temperatures. 
Our bars exhibit a high resistance to sea water and other corrosive media and so are used in the Oil & Gas and chemical process industries. 


Alloy DN Trade Name Material-No. UNS Specifications ASTM Specifications DIN Specifications
400 Silverin 400 2.4360 N04400 ASTM B164 / QQN-281 DIN17743
K500 Silverin 500 2.4375 N05500 ASTM B865 / QQN-286 DIN17743
405 Silverin 405 2.4363 N04405 ASTM B164 / QQN-281 DIN17743