Copper-Nickel Alloys

Due to their excellent resistance to sea water, these alloys are used in maritime environments, ship-building and valve technology. 
These are Copper-Nickel alloys with good resistance to hot sea water and high rates of flow. 
Vernicon excels thanks to its special corrosion resistance, as well as a very low temperature coefficient of resistance. 


Alloy DN Trade Name Material-No. UNS Specifications ASTM Specifications DIN Specifications
CuNi2 CuNi2 2.0802 C70200 ASTM B267 DIN 17471
CuNi6 CuNi6 2.0807 C70500 ASTM B267 DIN 17471
CuNi10 CuNi10 2.0811 C70700 ASTM B267 DIN 17471
CW352H CuNi10Fe1Mn (2.0872) C70600 ASTM B151 -
CuNi15 CuNi15 - - - -
CuNi23Mn CuNi23Mn 2.0881 C71100 ASTM B267 DIN 17471
CW354H CuNi30Mn1Fe (2.0882) C71500 ASTM B151 -
CuNi44Mn1 Vernicon (2.0842) C72150 - DIN 17471