Oil & Gas

Whether in Downstream, Midstream or Upstream environments, Deutsche Nickel's semi-finished products are used throughout the complete exploration and extraction process, both Onshore and Offshore.

Amongst the most demanding products are the so-called "Pump Shafts" for use in exploratory drilling in both land and deep water oil fields. Customers specify their own mechanical properties, dimensional and geometric tolerances in bars of up to 8 metres long in various alloys. Leading Oil-Field Service corporations like Schlumberger, Halliburton and BakerHughes to name but few, value the precision finish of these highly demanding components.

Typical Alloys:

› Nickel-Copper-Alloys / Silverin

  (e.g. 400, 405, K500)

› Nickel-Chrome-Alloys / High Performance Alloys

  (e.g. 718, 925, 625)




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