Offshore & Ship Building

Offshore installations, or coastal installations such as desalination plants are particularly exposed to highly corrosive environments. Many critical components therefore require the extremely corrosion resistant alloy solutions produced by Deutsche Nickel GmbH.

For example Chronin 718 is used in the components of power station cooling systems where they are exposed to sea water.


Typical Alloys:

  • Nickel-Copper Alloys / Silverin (e.g. 400, K500)
  • Nickel-Chrom-Iron Alloys / Ferrochronin (e.g. 600, 601)
  • Nickel-Chrom Alloys / High Performance Alloys (e.g. 718, 925, 80A)
  • Copper-Nickel-Iron Alloys / CuNi (e.g. CuNi10Fe, CuNi30Fe)

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