More than 150 years of experience: Deutsche Nickel GmbH from Germany. We produce quality products made of Nickel, Nickel-based and Copper-Nickel alloys.

Wires, bars, billetts, ingots and blocks as raw material for forging. Through hot working and cold forming operations. With our own melting shop. Always: Best in Nickel.

Solutions by Sectors

  • Oil & Gas

    Oil & Gas
    Whether in Downstream, Midstream or Upstream environments, Deutsche Nickel's semi-finished products are used throughout the complete exploration and extraction process, both On and Offshore
  • Automotive

    Modern engine and exhaust systems rely on those Deutsche Nickel alloys which are resistant to corrosion caused by hot gases
  • Aerospace

    Deutsche Nickel's high-temperature resistant alloys are an essential part of aircraft and gas turbine production
  • Fasteners

    The use of fastening and fixing components within extreme environments would be impossible without the corrosion resistant properties of Deutsche Nickel's products
  • Electrical / Lighting

    Electrical / Lighting
    Deutsche Nickel's glass-to-metal sealing alloys, controlled expansion alloys, resistance alloys and soft-magnetic alloys are an essential part of the electrical industry
  • Energy / Environmental Technology

    Energy / Environmental Technology
    The corrosive environment and high temperatures of the energy production and distribution industry call on the alloys and technical know-how of Deutsche Nickel
  • Chemical Equipment & Machine Building

    Chemical Equipment & Machine Building
    Deutsche Nickel's alloy solutions are found in components subject to aggressive acid, chlorine and alkaline environments throughout the process industry
  • Furnace Industry

    Furnace Industry
    The high-temperature resistant and heat conducting alloys produced by Deutsche Nickel are used by Furnace manufacturers throughout the furnace in heat conducting and heat exposed components
  • Stockholding & Distribution

    Stockholding & Distribution
    In those cases where our minimum production quantity or leadtime exceed your requirements, we can recommend specialised stockholders and distributors
  • Medical Technology

    Medical Technology
    Medical equipment relies on the various properties of Deutsche Nickel's alloys
  • Metal Processing

    Metal Processing
    Deutsche Nickel's semi-finished products are further processed by specialist engineering companies into fine wire or CNC drilled, turned and machined components for use by consumers in a wide range of industries
  • Offshore and Ship Building

    Offshore and Ship Building
    The corrosion resistant alloys produced by Deutsche Nickel are used in a broad range of sea-water applications
  • Raw Material for Forging

    Raw Material for Forging
    Deustche Nickel supplies raw material for a variety of forging processes
  • Welding Consumables

    Welding Consumables
    Be it MIG/MAG welding wire, TIG electrodes or core-wire electrodes, Deutsche Nickel offers welding consumables perfectly matched to the welding equipment - for perfect Nickel alloy welding results
  • Applications / Testimonials

    Applications / Testimonials
    We support our customers throughout the world to achieve their targets. Over many decades of Nickel alloy production, we have earned the trust and confidence of our customers in a wide range of markets

Products and Services

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Erfolgreiche Rezertifizierung auf die neue IATF 16949:2016 und DIN EN ISO 9001:2015

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Midest Paris

For the first time Deutsche Nickel exhibit at the Midest in Paris.

27 - 30. March 2018

We are looking forward to your visit: Booth 2P100