Our range of Nickel wire:

  • round wire
  • flat wire
  • electrodes
  • pickled wire-rod
  • peeled wire-rod
  • welding consumables
  • square wire

Our Nickel, Nickel based and Copper-Nickel wires are melted in modern induction furnaces (IF), vacuum furnaces (VIM) and vacuum induction degassing & pouring furnaces (VIDP). We are also using electro-slag remelt (ESR) or vacuum arc remelt (VAR) furnaces, in accordance either with standard or customized chemical analyses. The ingot blocks are then processed using various hot-working steps into wire-rod form. Depending on the particular wire application, the wire-rod is then pickled or peeled in preparation for the subsequent drawing and annealing processes and turned into round or flat wire.

According to customer packaging requirements the wire is then supplied on spools, in drums, in coils or on hats / coil carriers.

The manufacturing processes are certified in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001, IATF 16949, ISO 14001 and ISO 50001.

The team of Deutsche Nickel GmbH is ready to help you with any questions, specific requirements or product selection.

Our standard Nickel wire program

Nickel Alloy

Nickel-Iron Alloys / Iron-Nickel Alloys

Copper-Nickel Alloys

Nickel-Copper Alloys

Nickel-Chrome-Iron Alloys

Spark Plug Alloys

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