Ferrochronin Alloys

The Nickel-Chrome-Iron alloys manufactured by Deutsche Nickel GmbH include Ferrochronin 600 (Alloy 600, 2.4816), Ferrochronin 600LC (LC-NiCr15Fe, 2.4817), as well as Ferrochronin 601 (Alloy 601, 2.4851).

These alloys exhibit an excellent resistance to scaling even at high temperatures.

These wires are used in the chemical industry and industrial furnace construction, as well as the automobile industry.

Heizleiter- und Widerstandslegierungen der Deutschen Nickel  finden auch im Ofenbau ihre Anwendung.

Nickel-Chrome-Iron Alloys

Alloy DN-Trade Name Material-No. UNS-No. ASTM Specification DIN Specification
600 Ferrochronin 600 2.4816 N06600 ASTM B166 DIN 17742
LC-NiCr15Fe Ferrochronin 600LC 2.4817 DIN 17742
601 Ferrochronin 601 2.4851 N06601 ASTM B166 DIN 17742

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