Furnace Industry

The high-temperature resistant and heat conducting alloys produced by Deutsche Nickel are used by Furnace manufacturers throughout the furnace in heat conducting and heat exposed components.

Deutsche Nickel's heat conducting and resistance alloys are employed in various delivery forms. Round and flat wire is supplied as rod, in drums or on spools. These are then used as thermal conductor wires for industrial furnaces or in the fabrication of other high temperature equipment.

Deutsche Nickel GmbH's production program fulfills all the demands of the electrical heating industry.


Typical Alloys:

  • Nickel-Iron / Iron-Nickel Alloys  Dilaton (e.g. Ni36)
  • Welding Fillers / Core Wire / Thermal Spray Wire (e.g. FeNi36 und NiCr 80/20)
  • Nickel-Chrome-Iron Alloys / Ferrochronin (e.g. 600, 601)


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