Fastener Industry

Nuts, bolts, rivets and pins are well-known fastener components. What many people do not realise is that whenever the operating environment and conditions demand corrosion-resistant and tough materials, this is when the semi-finished products of Deutsche Nickel GmbH are brought into action.


Manufacturers of fastening components place particularly complex demands on the abilities of Deutsche Nickel GmbH. Requirements include wire products for rivets, as well as bars in different cross-sections, eg. round bars for screws, or hexagonal bars for nuts and bolts. Shape and dimensional tolerances are tightly specified.



Typical Alloys:

 › Nickel Chrome Alloys / Chronin
  (e.g. C22, C4, C276)

› Nickel-Copper Alloys / Silverin
 (e.g. 400, 405, K500)

› High-Performance-Alloys / Chronin
  (e.g. 718, 80A, 925)

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