Growing global demands for mobility go hand-in-hand with the increasing demands on vehicle fuel economy. Current thinking encompasses lighter weight and increased efficiencies, as well as downsizing of engine capacities. A side-effect of this technology is an increase in temperature and pressure within both the engine itself and the exhaust system. This new trend represents an important application for Deutsche Nickel GmbH's heat resistant alloys. An example of an important application is spark plugs for internal combustion engines.


Deutsche Nickel is the preferred supplier and development partner for several spark plug manufacturers.


For full-scale production, these alloys are reliably supplied in round and flat wire form to our customers' production facilities around the world.


Deutsche Nickel's standard and special alloys are also used in the following automotive components and markets:


  • › Resistance alloys for electrical heating components (Copper-Nickel alloys)
  • › Controlled expansion alloys for electronics applications (Iron-Nickel alloys)
  • › Super alloys for internal combustion engine and exhaust system components
  • › Nickel-Chrome and Nickel-Chrome-Iron alloys for spark plugs and glow plugs

Typical Alloys:

› Copper-Nickel Alloys / CuNi

  (e.g. CuNi2, CuNi10)

› Iron-Nickel Alloys / Dilaton

  (e.g. Ni36 und Ni52)

› Nickel-Chrome Alloys & Nickel-Chrome-Iron Alloys /

  Ferrochronin (e.g. NiCr2Mn2Si, 600)

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