Resistance alloys, controlled expansion alloys for glass-to-metal sealing in electronic components

Welding consumables

Consumables designed for the following welding processes: GMAW, GTAW and SAW, as well as core wire for electrodes and flat wire for the production of
flux-cored wire


NiSi, NiCr and NiY alloys to manufacture the centre and side electrodes of spark plugs

Fastener industry

400 and 500 wire for high performance


FeNi, Ni, NiCu and NiMn lead-in wires for lamps and lighting

Wire products

Re-draw wires and fine wires suitable
for further processing





Oil & Gas

High strength Alloys 500, 625, 718

Chemical Plant Construction

Corrosion resistant Alloys C 4, C 276, C 22, 625, 200/201, 400

Forging Billet

Alloys 400, C 276, 200/201, 600, 625
for further hot working


Heat-resistant Alloys 600 and 601


W48, Ni36M, Ni36, Ni42 and NiCo 29/18 for either
soft-magnetic, or controlled expansion applications

Distribution & Service

The entire production program in the most popular standard sizes and condition