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According to § 4g BDSG, the individual responsible for data protection, must make themselves aware of the requirements stated in § 4e BDSG. We comply with this legal obligation and therefore decline to respond to individual requests from your side.

1. Name or Company responsible for this website (§ 4e, Section 1 BDSG
Deutsche Nickel GmbH

2. Proprietor, Board Members, Managing Director or other legal or company-appointed individuals with overall responsibility for the people involved with data processing (§ 4e, Section 2 BDSG):
Deutsche Nickel GmbH: Christoph Arntz, Wolfgang Raulf

3. Address of the Company responsible for this website (§ 4e, Abs. 3 BDSG)

Rosenweg 15, 58239 Schwerte

4. Reason for data collection, processing or utilization (§ 4e, Section 4 BDSG):
Data collection, processing or utilization is performed to assist in the operating of a Nickel alloy mill and the sales of the products manufactured there.

5. Description of the data acquired from interested Parties (§ 4e, Section 5 BDSG)
For the most part, personal data is acquired, processed and utilized as follows:

  • Customer data (address details, bank details and if necessary liquidity and credit rating checks)
  • Supplier data (address details, bank details, and if necessary quality details)
  • Data from employees for personnel administration, development, management and accounting as well as from retirees
  • Job applicants (mainly application information, career data, education and qualifications details, and possibly as any past convictions)
  • The contact details of anyone designated by an employee to be contacted in the event of an emergency
  • Potential customers / suppliers (address details, product data, projects)
  • Existing customers / suppliers (address details, product data, projects)
  • Sales agents / intermediaries (address, business and contract details; contact information)
  • In so far as these are necessary to fulfill the requirements of section 4.

6. Recipient or categories of recipients to whom the data could be shared with (§ 4e, Para. 6 BDSG)

  • Public bodies, who are legally entitled to access such data (eg. social insurance organisations, financial authorities)
  • Internal positions, which are necessary to perform the relevant operational duties (eg. Human Resources, Accounts, Purchasing, Marketing, Sales, Telecommunications and IT departments)
  • Out-sourced subcontractors (service providers)
  • Miscellaneous outside organisations eg. credit reference companies (salary payments)

7. Rules regarding deletion of collated data (§ 4e, Section 7 BDSG)

Data will be deleted upon expiry of the legal, pre-determined or contractual retention periods. Data, which is not covered by a duty of retention, will be deleted upon completion of the reason for acquisition stated in point 4. In certain special cases, shorter deletion periods can apply (eg. in Human Resources for rejected job applications or written warnings). As long as collated data is unaffected, it will be deleted when the points mentioned in section 5 are no longer valid.

8. Planned transfer of data to Third Party states (§ 4e, section 8 BDSG)
There is currently no transfer of acquired data to Third Party states.


Data Protection Policy

Saving access data

Every time a user accesses a page of our offer and every time a piece of data is retrieved the access data in regard to this process is saved.

The IP address of the computer or the network from which the internet was accessed is saved, the date and time that the website was accessed, the internet address of the website from which they directly switched to our website, as well as the browser version with which they accessed our site. The data saved is evaluated exclusively for statistical purposes, to optimise our internet sites and to defend and/or track illegal access to online offers. Transfer of data to third parties does not take place either for commercial or non-commercial purposes. After the statistical analysis the data is deleted.

Retrieving and processing personal data

Insofar as there is an option to enter personal or business information (e-mail addresses, names, addresses) within the internet offer, the surrender of this data on the part of the user takes place on an expressly voluntary basis. The data here is also treated confidentially and is not shared with third parties. 

Upon application the user has the right to receive information about personal data saved on them. Furthermore, according to legal provisions they have a right to correct, block and delete this personal data.


We do not use Cookies. Cookies may possibly be used on linked pages without us being able to point them out to you. Most browsers are set up in such a way that they automatically accept Cookies. However you can deactivate the saving of Cookies or configure your browser in such a way that it notifies you as soon as Cookies are sent.

Links to other websites

Our online offer contains links to other websites. We have no influence on whether their operators maintain the data protection policy.

As providers we are responsible for our own content according to general law. It is possible that the links to the available content of other providers are to be differentiated from our own content. We are not responsible for foreign content that is made available for use via links and that is especially labelled as such and do not appropriate their content. The provider of the website referred to is solely liable for illegal, incorrect or incomplete content as well as for damages that occur due to the use or non-use of that information. We are only responsible for foreign information if we have been given full knowledge from you of potential illegal and/or criminal content, and if it is technically possible and reasonable to hinder the usage thereof.

Protection of your shared information

We are aware of our responsibility to protect the information you have entrusted to us. Wickeder Westfalenstahl uses a variety of safety techniques to protect your information, including safe servers, Firewalls and encrypting your financial data.

Wickeder Westfalenstahl GmbH
Data Protection Representative
Wickede, June 8, 2009

This English translation has been done with greatest care. However, we cannot be held liable for the precision and correctness of the translation. If in doubt, the original German version shall prevail.