Wickeder Westfalenstahl signs-off Management Buyout at Deutsche Nickel

With regards to Wickeder Westfalenstahl, manufacturer of clad flat products, the finalizing of this MBO is an important stage in realising the planned strategic re-alignment of the Group. „By agreeing the MBO for Deutsche Nickel, we are handing over a company that is well-established in the marketplace. The strategic corporate direction of the Wickeder Group focuses on special metals, micro-technology and the manufacture of sophisticated components. Whereas Deutsche Nickel’s portfolio of „bars and wires in Nickel and Nickel alloys“ concentrates on the classical manufacture of semi-finished products.“, explains the Management at Wickeder Westfalenstahl.  

Both the Management teams at Wickeder Westfalenstahl and at Deutsche Nickel are striving to ensure that both companies will continue to work closely together in the future. „When it comes to Nickel alloy products, the Wickeder Group will continue to rely on the expertise in Schwerte.”

The acquiring company is named DN Equity GmbH, which is owned by the two Deutsche Nickel Managing Directors Christoph Arntz and Wolfgang Raulf. This transaction will help to support the continued growth of the Deutsche Nickel Group, which also includes the subsidiary companies Deutsche Nickel Asia Trading Co., Ltd. (China), Deutsche Nickel America, Inc. (USA) and Deutsche Nickel Real Estate GmbH. „The Management Buyout (MBO) presents the best outcome for all concerned Parties, in particular the workforce. We know the company best and will continue to run the business strategically and operationally.“ explained Wolfgang Raulf and Christoph Arntz.  

Wickeder Westfalenstahl GmbH
Wickeder Westfalenstahl GmbH is located in Wickede (Ruhr) and specializes in clad materials. It is also the parent company of the Wickeder Group. Since being founded in 1913, the company has established its leading position in the marketplace within the field of clad materials, thanks to a continual programme of product and technical innovation. As well as Wickeder Westfalenstahl GmbH, Wickeder Group includes the following companies: Auerhammer Metallwerk, Engineered Materials Solutions, HPetch, MPU, Inflotek and Micrometal. At nine international locations in Europe, America and Asia, both semi-finished products are manufactured, as well as finished components using the very latest in advanced manufacturing technology. This includes photo/chemical etching in both continual and step-level processes, stamping, bending and welding technologies, as well as water-jet cutting. This enables our single Group to serve existing and new customers across a wide variety of industries, such as the Automobile and Electrical industries and anything from industrial Machine construction to household goods.

Deutsche Nickel
Deutsche Nickel GmbH is a manufacturer of Nickel, Nickel alloys and Copper-Nickel alloys in the forms of ingots, wires, bars and forging pre-material, as well as raw material slabs for strip and plate manufacture. Individual alloy solutions are created by various melting processes within its own Melt Shop. These alloys are then converted into customer-specific semi-finished products by means of further hot and cold forming procedures. Deutsche Nickel has Production, Sales and Distribution locations in Germany, America and Asia and markets its products as „Made in Germany“ to international customers within the Automotive, Oil & Gas, Electronics, Welding and Engineering industries.

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