Over 150 years experience

The history of Deutsche Nickel stretches all the way back to 1861. In 1878 the founder of our company Theodor Fleitmann made the pioneering discovery that the addition of Magnesium to the production process meant that Nickel could now be hot-rolled and forged. Even today, this ground-breaking discovery still forms the basis of manufacturing processes throughout the Nickel processing industry.

› 1861  Foundation of Westfälische Nickelwalzwerke Fleitmann, Witte & Co

› 1869  Construction of factory in Schwerte

› 1902  Foundation of Vereinigte Deutsche Nickel Aktiengesellschaft (VDN)

› 1989  Renamed Deutsche Nickel AG (PLC)

› 1992  Acquisition of Auerhammer Metallwerk GmbH (founded in 1829)
           by Deutsche Nickel AG    

› 2004  Change of company status to Deutsche Nickel GmbH (Ltd)

› 2005  Acquisition of Deutsche Nickel GmbH by international investors with
           formation of DNick Holding PLC

› 2006  Stockmarket flotation of DNick Holding PLC

› 2012  Acquisition of majority of DNick Holding PLC shares by Wickeder Group