Deutsche Nickel Environment, health and safety

Deutsche Nickel has implemented practical aspects of environmental protection, energy conservation and safety at work, in order to assure that our activities don not cause harm to anyone. We take measures to adress e.g. water conservation, saving of energy, air quality, ergonomics, and other aspects of workplace safety that could affect the health and well-being of employees and/or the overall community.

In terms of health and safety Deutsche Nickel is highly engaged in creating organized efforts and procedures for identifying workplace hazards and reducing accidents and exposure to harmful situations and substances. Deutsche Nickel continuously trains personnel in accident prevention, accident response, emergency preparedness, and use of protective clothing and equipment.

From an environmental standpoint Deutsche Nickel established – according to ISO 14001 - a systematic approach to comply with environmental regulations, such as managing waste or air emissions all the way to helping site's reduce the company's carbon footprint.

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The most important points of our Environmental policy:

  • Goal: protect natural resources; promote sustainability
  • Established accredited Environmental Management System in accordance with ISO 14001
  • Compliance with all relevant environmental laws and legislation, as well as any other binding corporate obligations
  • Continual appraisal of fundamental environmental issues, to enable the constant assessment and improvement of our environmental performance
  • On-going improvement in environmental performance by means of systematic environmental monitoring and targeted prevention of environmental problems
  • Development, improvement and implementation of production methods with reduced environmental impact and making use of (where possible) locally sourced raw materials
  • Development and manufacture of environmentally friendly products, with particular consideration paid to their useful life-span and subsequent recycling
  • Efficient use of natural resources, energy and space
  • Management and reduction of emissions and immissions
  • Commitment and responsibility of all employees to act in an environmentally-friendly manner
  • To share awareness and consideration of the Deutsche Nickel Environmental policy with our suppliers and commercial partners
  • To maintain open lines of communication and an open dialogue with all interested Parties with regards to implementation

The most important aspects of our Energy Policy are:

  • Save resources, reduce consumption
  • Deutsche Nickel has an Energy Management system involving all Production and Service activities in accordance with ISO 50001
  • Thanks to Deutsche Nickel‘s Energy Policy, resources are conserved and consumption (i.e. energy cost) is reduced.
  • With an annual energy consumption of almost 17 million kWh, it is obvious that Deutsche Nickel must focus on energy consumption, not least to remain economically competitive
  • Deutsche Nickel performs Efficiency and Benchmarking studies to help identify potential energy improvement opportunities
  • Such projects include, for example, re-utilisation of waste heat, the reduction of stand-by times, or the modernisation of plant components